Become a Factoring Broker

We pay commission to you for the life of your client

What is a Factoring Broker?

A Factoring Broker is an independent agent who sends clients to us. We provide your clients with working capital by funding their invoices so they do not have to wait the standard Net 30 or Net 60 days. This allows them to operate their businesses without capital constraints.

We charge a percentage of each invoice as a fee for advancing the money. From this fee, we pay you a commission. Our commission rates start at 10%. We pay you the commission on every invoice that we factor for clients that you refer, for life. We can pay you via various convenient payment methods such as PayPal, wire transfer, or direct ACH deposit to your account.

How to become a Factoring Broker?

You can use the form on this page to signup. Approval is instant. Once you are approved, you can start referring clients to us immediately. Once you signup, you are given a referral link. You can send this link to your clients and then when they signup through the link, the client is linked to you. You will also have a comprehensive stats & reporting interface that gives you details of all of your clients and their invoices.

About Finance Team

We are modernizing the factoring industry. We differ from old line factoring companies because we have an automated underwriting process and try to eliminate paperwork as much as possible. Your clients are given an invoice submission and reporting platform that works on all devices. We have eliminated the need for faxes, long hand written contracts, etc. We have plenty of equity capital to help fund your clients' invoices.

Key Points about our Broker Program

  • We pay commission on all collected invoices
  • Weekly commission payouts to you
  • Commission rates start at 10%, and go higher with volume
  • Large capital base - we can handle most any deal size
  • We can handle any industry
  • Great back office support and friendly team

Participation in the broker program is subject to our Broker Terms of Service.