Terms and Conditions
Broker Program

Finance Team, LLC ("we", or "us") runs a client referral program. Through this "program", we pay commissions to independent third party contractors that we refer to as "brokers" ("you"). Participation in the program is subject to these terms and conditions.

First, we are a commercial finance company. We are not lawyers, financial advisors or tax advisors, any we are not rendering any legal, tax, or financial advice. We highly recommend that you consult an expert before using any of our services or becoming one of our brokers.

We assume no responsibility for any consequence of any action that may have resulted, either directly or indirectly, from the use of our website or any material provided on our website or otherwise. We try to keep all information that we publish accurate, but we will not responsible for any inaccuracies.

Participation at Our Discretion

Participation in the program is solely at our discretion and we can terminate your participation at any time without notice.

We automatically approve applications. This fact does not imply that we may not re-evaluate your application at a later time. We may cancel your application and/or end your participation if we determine that you are unsuitable for our program.

You are also free to leave the program at any time without cost or notice.

No joint venture, partnership, or employee relationship

This program is not a joint venture or partnership. Your participation in this program in no way makes you an employee. You are an independent contractor. You are free to send clients to us by any legal means other than those excluded in these terms and conditions. We do not monitor your work, tell you when to work, or exercise any control over how you perform your sole duty -- which is to refer potential clients to use our financing or invoice factoring service.

No Expense Reimbursements

We are not liable for any reimbursements to you for expenses incurred in the promotion of our services. You will spend your money at your discretion. Your only compensation will be commissions earned from fees billed to clients referred by you.

Commission Rate, Payment Distribution, Chargebacks

Our default commission rate is 10% of the amount of fees collected from clients. These fees will become due to you upon closure of an open client invoice, after the reserve hold back period for a given client (so that we can ensure funds clear). This is generally 10 days after payment for check or ACH payments and one day after payment for wire transfers. We provide you with a stats and reporting interface that shows you pending fees on invoices that are advanced, but these fees will not be owed to you until the balance of the invoice is actually collected.

This commission rate is at our discretion. We are free to choose to pay more or less for a given client that you refer and you have no recourse if we determine, at our sole discretion, that a client does not merit a full commission. You are free to refer the client to another factor if you are not happy with our offered commission rate.

Payments are distributed once per month on or about the 7th of the month for commissions earned during the previous month. If you would like payment earlier, we offer "rush" payments for a fee that is published on the payment request form. Payments are not distributed automatically. You must request a withdrawal from your account balance before you are paid. This is easy to do using our online interface.

It is possible that invoices we may have to charge invoices back to clients from time to time. This happens when invoices were fraudulently submitted, or that the client's customer (debtor) may not pay the invoice due to a dispute. In these cases, we reserve to chargeback any commissions paid to you. The loss will be recovered from your future commissions. You are not responsible for any balance in excess of your commission in these cases.

Lawful Use Only

You agree that you will not use our website for any use that is illegal. You will also not promote our services to anyone using deceptive marketing practices. You will always recommend to potential clients that they seek professional advice before participating in our program.

If you are under 16 years old, you may not use our website.

Limitation of Liability, Indemnity

You understand and agree that FT, nor any of our affiliates, owners, directors, managers, or employees will be liable for any damages resulting from your participation in the program. You use theprogram at your expense, cost, and risk, and you understand that you should receive professional advise before using any of the services advertised on this website.

Further, you are responsible for any liability or loss, to us or to our clients, resulting from your deceptive marketing practices, false advertisements, fraudulent or criminal activity. Therefore, you indemnify us from any loss resulting from your participation in this program.

Changes to Terms of Service

We may make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time. You understand that any modifications to the Terms will be effective immediately and you will review the Terms from time to time.

This Agreement supercedes any other terms you may have signed at a previous time.

Legal Disputes, Venue

All legal disputes that may result from participation in our broker program will be settled in courts in Memphis, TN. You are responsible for your own attorney costs.

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